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How accurate are lateral flow tests?

How accurate are lateral flow tests?

Lateral Flow tests are simple, easy-to-use tests that non-professionals can perform to assess a large number of patients. The technology uses a nitrocellulose membrane that works with a nanoparticle label. The membrane typically uses antibodies to produce the results. You apply a sample, such as urine, and the sample will move through the membrane onto […]

Lateral flow tests vs PCR: Which is better for your business?

Lateral flow tests vs PCR: Which is better for your business?

The two central testing systems available are Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which is machine-read, and the lateral flow test. Each one has its advantages and different methods, as well as varying levels of accuracy. How the swab is handled, and the time it takes for each test to be processed are also major factors between […]

What do we know about Long Covid?

Long Covid covid tests

Mild or moderate, Covid can last around two weeks for most people. For others, the effects of Covid can last even longer, causing continuous health problems for months after. The National Centre for Health Statistics reports that 1 in 13 adults have Long Covid symptoms, that have lasted three or more months after contracting the […]

Importance of testing for Covid two years on

covid test

Even when covid was rife and you were doing everything right, like wearing a mask, sanitizing, social distancing, and getting vaccinated, you might have still found yourself being exposed or worse, testing positive for covid. The number of covid cases has exceeded 579m cases globally and they are rising once again here in the UK. […]

Nitrile gloves: What you need to know

nitrile gloves

Many industries require personal protective equipment (PPE), to perform their day-to-day tasks safely, hygienically, and efficiently. Products like nitrile gloves are not only a necessity but highly valuable in protecting both the wearer and other products or people they handle. Nitrile is currently the most popular material for gloves across sectors due to its endless […]

Why & how to implement effective testing procedures in the manufacturing industry

Buy covid test. Buy lateral flow test lateral flow testing

The Covid pandemic is an unprecedented health crisis, and despite exceptional vaccine rollouts, the virus persists. Covid cases are creating strain on manufacturing operations and consequently hugely impacting supply chains. Rising absence rates due to individual cases and mass outbreaks are leading to a shortage of staff, reduced output, and in some circumstances disappointed customers. […]

What is the demand for lateral flow tests now that free access has ended?

Long Covid covid tests

Healthcare workers battled to keep patients safe as hospitals overflowed during the midst of the pandemic. Now, just over two years on, the UK Government chose to end free access to lateral flow tests on the 1st of April 2022. In the following weeks, supply chain concerns swept across the country due to a shortage […]

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