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E.p.t.q. S500

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E.p.t.q. S500 Lidocaine (1 x 1.1ml) represents the pinnacle of dermal filler technology, offering unparalleled benefits for those seeking substantial volume restoration and facial contour refinement. This advanced formulation features ultra-concentrated hyaluronic acid, meticulously purified to deliver exceptional volumizing effects and structural support. Ideal for deep facial wrinkles and severe volume loss, E.p.t.q. S500 effectively fills and smooths nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and enhances cheek and chin contours with natural-looking results.

The addition of lidocaine ensures a comfortable treatment experience by minimizing discomfort during injections. Its sophisticated cross-linking technology ensures a smooth, cohesive gel consistency that integrates seamlessly into the skin, providing immediate and long-lasting rejuvenation. E.p.t.q. S500 Lidocaine is a preferred choice for individuals looking to achieve significant facial rejuvenation with a durable and reliable solution, enhancing both facial aesthetics and confidence.

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E.p.t.q. S500 Lidocaine (1 x 1.1ml) sets a new standard in advanced dermal fillers, designed to address profound facial volume loss and deep wrinkles with exceptional efficacy. This premium injectable features a highly concentrated formulation of hyaluronic acid, renowned for its volumizing and skin-plumping properties, which helps to restore youthful contours and smooth out severe lines and folds. The inclusion of lidocaine ensures patient comfort by minimising injection-related discomfort.

E.p.t.q. S500 utilises state-of-the-art cross-linking technology to maintain a uniform gel consistency, ensuring even distribution and natural integration into the skin. This results in immediate and long-lasting rejuvenation, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking significant facial enhancement and rejuvenation without invasive surgery. Whether used to enhance cheekbones, redefine jawlines, or soften deep wrinkles, E.p.t.q. S500 Lidocaine offers a reliable solution for achieving a refreshed and revitalized appearance.

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