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The Newest 2ml (Plenyhage Medium) 2% (10mg) PN-HPT stands as a pinnacle of aesthetic innovation, specially formulated to cater to the nuanced needs of targeted skin rejuvenation. In each 2ml vial, it harnesses the powerful effects of 2% (10mg) poly-nucleotide (PN-HPT), a groundbreaking ingredient celebrated for its deep regenerative capabilities.

This medium is particularly adept at invoking the skin’s natural healing processes, significantly boosting collagen synthesis, and facilitating the repair of aged or damaged tissue. Designed with precision in mind, its concentrated formula is ideal for intensive care on specific areas that demand a meticulous touch, notably around the eyes and lips. Here, where fine lines and wrinkles find their stronghold, Plenyhage Medium delivers a calculated, effective treatment, paving the way for a rejuvenated, firm, and distinctly youthful visage. Its adoption of advanced science to meet the intricate challenges of dermatological care solidifies its role as an essential ally in the quest for enduring beauty and skin health.

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Newest 2ml (Plenyhage Medium) 2% (10mg) PN-HPT represents a significant advancement in the realm of aesthetic dermatology, introducing a more concentrated option for targeted treatment areas. Specifically designed for individuals seeking precision and potency in smaller areas of concern, this formula offers an intensive, localized approach to skin rejuvenation. With 2% (10mg) of poly-nucleotide (PN-HPT), a powerful ingredient known for its regenerative properties, it stimulates the skin at a cellular level. By enhancing collagen production and promoting the repair of damaged tissue, it effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and provides a noticeable firming effect.

This specialized treatment excels in addressing delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips where signs of aging are most prominent, offering a refined, youth-enhancing solution. The innovative approach of delivering concentrated active ingredients directly to where they are most needed ensures a remarkable improvement in skin texture and elasticity, culminating in a visibly more youthful complexion.

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