U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager

The portable massager combined with shiatsu, kneading and rolling functions to help you eliminate fatigue, stress and relieve muscle pain. With 8 deep kneading massage nodes and an adjustable neck pillow for the ultimate experience.


  • Provides a relaxing massage experience regardless of your height
  • Covers your entire neck and back including the lowest parts of your waist
  • Fits on most chairs for convenience
  • Offers gentle warmth for a better overall massage experience


Full Back and Neck Massage
With its 8 deep kneading massage nodes, the device is capable of giving you a relaxing massage experience from your neck to the lowest part of your waist.

Ergonomic Design
With its ergonomic design, the device fits your shoulder better, giving you a more comfortable massage experience to relieve your tired muscles.

Optional Heat Function
With its heat function, feel free to add a gentle warmth in your massage sessions.


  • U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager
  • Adapter
  • Manual

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  • Max Temperature: 122°F
  • Knead Intensities: 3
  • Temperate mode: 1
  • Timing mode: 15 mins
  • Massage Heads: 8


  • Size: 18.89 in x 6.7 in x 7.87 in
  • Weight: 2.8kg

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