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Lumi Pro Skin Booster (3 x 2ml)

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The Lumi Pro Skin Booster exemplifies cutting-edge hydration therapy by implementing an injectable “hydrator” that penetrates the skin’s deeper strata to deliver profound moisture. Originating from the innovative minds at UK skin-tech innovation, this treatment is specifically tailored for application on the face, hands, and neck. The Lumi Pro leverages sophisticated technology to imbue the skin with hydration, enhance firmness, and promote a taut appearance—with visible outcomes emerging as promptly as within 48 hours and featuring an industry-leading concentration of 40mg of HA per 2ml

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This avant-garde Lumi Pro Skin Booster introduces an innovative approach to skin moisturization by administering a specially formulated “hydrator” capable of reaching the skin’s deeper layers for intensive moisture replenishment. Developed by UK SKIN-TECH INNOVATION for optimal use on the face, hands, and neck, the Lumi Pro leverages revolutionary technology to infuse the skin with hydration, reinforce its firmness, and achieve a tightened effect. Remarkably, users can anticipate discernible benefits in a brief period of 48 hours, featuring a high concentration of 40mg of HA per 2ml dose.

  • Boasts a 33% higher HA concentration than leading industry alternatives
  • Ensures instant skin hydration
  • Utilizes ultra-high purity ingredients
  • Delivers a silky-smooth application experience
  • Undergone rigorous clinical trials
  • Supports natural collagen production

This highly adaptable skin booster provides comprehensive hydration for the face, hands, and neck, encapsulating total moisturization within a single syringe.

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