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Thermage FLX Eye Tip 0.25cm2 (1 x 450 REP)

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Thermage is a leading non-invasive aesthetic device that lifts and tightens sagging skin, primarily in the face and neck region. Over the years, it has been instrumental in helping individuals achieve youthful, firm-looking skin.

With the newly introduced Thermage FLX Eye Tip 0.25cm2, the brand has taken one step forward in enhancing their treatment options. This new treatment can provide better outcomes for issues around the eye area, such as sagging skin and fine lines.

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The thermage FLX Eye Tip 0.25cm2 is a modified version of the standard thermage FLX procedure. It is specially designed to target the delicate eye area. The tip is small (0.25cm2) and comes with an adjustable depth of penetration, making it ideal for precise treatments around the eyes.

The third-generation thermage FLX system delivers beneficial radiofrequency energy for the skin. It is skin-friendly and can easily be customized according to the individual’s skin type, thickness, and sensitivity. Further, the energy is delivered through grid patterns placed over the skin’s surface, allowing clinicians to treat specific regions of interest with precision.

The thermage FLX Eye Tip 0.25cm2 can be helpful in treating various eye-related issues such as periorbital wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Further, it can penetrate deeper into the skin layers to stimulate collagen growth, resulting in firmer-looking skin.

The device is perfectly safe, with no reported damaging skin effects, making it a popular option among individuals seeking non-invasive treatment options. Results are instant and long-lasting, with patients noticing visible results immediately after the treatment. Further, the treatment has no downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after.

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