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Many industries require personal protective equipment (PPE), to perform their day-to-day tasks safely, hygienically, and efficiently. Products like nitrile gloves are not only a necessity but highly valuable in protecting both the wearer and other products or people they handle. Nitrile is currently the most popular material for gloves across sectors due to its endless list of advantages and applications.

Nitrile gloves protect your hands with a durable barrier against hazardous contaminants, infection risks, chemicals, hot oils, or extreme temperatures. With its high durability, greater chemical resistance, and no risk of latex allergies, it’s obvious to see why professionals use nitrile gloves in various sectors and industries as the go-to disposable glove.

What is Nitrile?

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber copolymer that is derived from acrylonitrile and butadiene molecules. Nitrile is a versatile elastomer, being widely used due to its high tensile strength, puncture resistance, hypoallergenic qualities, and chemical and oil resistance.

Applications for nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are currently the most popular material in the healthcare industry for examinations. However, they are widely used across other healthcare sectors and industries such as automotive, food services, aesthetics, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Core benefits of nitrile gloves

At Dr. Adams, we ensure all our gloves comply with various specifications for safety and effectiveness, being FDA-certified. Our nitrile gloves offer an ideal solution with no risk of latex allergies and at a competitive cost.

  • Healthcare

Nitrile gloves are the most popular choice for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare workers. The durable barrier of the glove creates high protection and puncture resistance. Medical staff deal with numerous patients a day, so it is important to eliminate the risk of infection spread between the wearer and the patient.

  • Automotive

Nitrile is not just a versatile choice for a medical glove, it also offers valuable benefits for automotive and mechanic work. If a mechanic leaves their hands unprotected during their work, they’re at a high risk of injury and exposure to chemical irritants. Nitrile possesses great oil-resistant properties which makes it a safe choice when mechanics are dealing with hot oil and grease daily.

  • Food Services

Many food sectors require latex-free gloves to minimize allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves are a safe and effective option to prevent cross-contamination, due to their strong protective barrier from contact with raw meat and bacteria on the worker’s skin.

  • Aesthetics, tattoos, hair, and beauty

With the rise of ‘tweakments’, getting a tattoo and regular hair and beauty appointments it’s no surprise these industries don’t look like they’re going to be slowing down anytime soon. Nitrile gloves have tactile sensitivity, meaning practitioners can stay protected whilst carrying out their detailed work without losing their sense of touch. Due to the chemical and puncture resistance of the material, they are ideal for keeping hands clean and safe, without the fear of any breaks or tears during procedures.

Why are nitrile gloves so popular?

A range of industries chooses to supply nitrile gloves to their members of staff, due to their versatility and range of advantages. Nitrile gloves are among the most popular options, but what exactly makes them so popular over their counterparts?

Nitrile gloves are:

1. Waterproof – Nitrile gloves have a secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.

2. Allergenic properties – A primary advantage of nitrile, is that it’s 100% latex-free.

3. Tactile sensitivity – Nitrile gloves allow users to handle tools and machinery with precision.

4. Extended shelf life – Nitrile gloves can return to their original shape after being compressed into their packaging. The elasticity ensures a long lifespan and can withstand long procedures.

5. Temperature resistance – Nitrile remains functional in high temperatures of oils and chemicals.

6. Comfortable fit – Nitrile gloves offer wearers a comfortable and snug fit, creating a strong barrier over the skin.

7. Superior chemical resistance – Nitrile provides resistance to oil, fuel, acids, fluids, and grease.

8. Great puncture resistance – Nitrile is three-to-five times more puncture resistant than latex.

9. Strong barrier protection – The tensile strength creates high and durable protection against bloodborne pathogens and other hazardous toxins.

Nitrile gloves are a must in many industries to comply with PPE standards and use. Whether you require gloves for high-risk or low-risk environments, nitrile offers a range of valuable properties for various applications. Our large range of disposable and powder-free gloves are CATIII, EN374, EN455, ISO and CE as well as FDA510K approved, including both blue and black in sizes of S, M, L, and XL.

Sterile glove manufacturer

Dr. Adams Laboratories is the first and only sterile glove manufacturer in the UK. The benefits of manufacturing in the UK mean your gloves will never be imported, guaranteeing you a great price, and reducing your environmental footprint.

Our nitrile gloves are protein-free and free of accelerators like thiazoles, thiurams, carbamates, thioureas, and guanidine which could possibly lead to chemical allergies. They are strong tears, puncture, and chemical resistant and are recommended for users with hypersensitivity syndrome. Dr. Adams Laboratories will always guarantee you a great price and seamless service, from start to finish. We possess extensive experience in logistics and have created excellent relationships with manufacturers, which means we can offer you large-volume orders, rapid production times, and flexibility to accommodate next-day and international shipping, to ensure your stocks are never low. Our gloves are all made to the highest industry standards, are robust, and are incredibly versatile. If you are looking to keep your staff safe with nitrile gloves, give our friendly team a call.

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