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Lumi Eyes (1x1ml) vial.

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Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a tissue stimulator designed for mesotherapy treatments around the eyes and the tear valley with a filling effect, but with no side effects in the form of lymphoedema. Lumi Eyes is a high-quality product that repairs damage to the dermis with polynucleotides with a strong tissue regenerating effect . The effect of the treatment is strong hydration and rejuvenation of the tissue, as well as the reduction of symptoms of fatigue and skin blueing.


Dermaren Lumi Eyes is a premium Polynucleotide product which improves the conditions of damaged dermis with tissue regenerating material, purified DNA from salmon milt.

  • New type of skin hydration product with polynucleotide which is skin tissue regeneration material
  • Improving damaged skin of its Internal physiological
  • Condition and maintaining moisturized skin condition by restoring skin cell structure
  • Ideal product to be used alone or with other HA product

Ingredient: Polynucleotide 2mg/ml

Effect : Antiaging , Anti-fine Wrinkles, Skin Whitening & Rejuvenation, Improvement on Skin Elasticity

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