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How accurate are lateral flow tests?

How accurate are lateral flow tests?

Lateral Flow tests are simple, easy-to-use tests that non-professionals can perform to assess a large number of patients. The technology uses a nitrocellulose membrane that works with a nanoparticle label. The membrane typically uses antibodies to produce the results.

You apply a sample, such as urine, and the sample will move through the membrane onto an absorbent pad, and it reacts to form a line. A control line is usually present to show that the test is working.

Types of lateral flow tests

Two common types are usually developed. First, there is a version similar to a dipstick, and then you can also get one that works with a housed cassette. Both tests work in similar manners. It just depends on the sample type you would like to use and what format is suitable for your purpose.

How accurate are lateral flow tests

In March 2021, the NHS and UK Government conducted research which indicated that the test was at least 99.9% accurate, with a minimal chance of seeing a false positive. But since then, independent facilities have suggested that the tests are often not very sensitive and can miss when viruses or bacteria are still in the early stages.

So, for example, recently, lateral flow tests were used extensively for COVID testing. However, one of the facilities, the Cochrane review, did a range of studies and found that compared to the PCR tests, the sensitivity isn’t as high.

But PCR tests require several hours to get results and must be performed by a professional in the medical field.

What are the advantages of lateral flow tests

Lateral flow tests can be conducted quickly and easily by a non-professional. They have a two-year shelf life, and you can have the results of the sample within 15 minutes. They are ideal for large group testing, for example, at an event, education facility, travel sectors, commercial offices or at healthcare clinics.

Where can you get the tests?

Dr Adams is one of the leading distributors of lateral flow tests. They can supply them in a variety of pack sizes and can also do bulk. Their tests are all fully CE-certified, TUV SUD certified and from ISO-certified manufacturers. In addition, they are approved for public use under the PROTOCOL in accordance with regulation 39A(2) and (3) of the Medical Devices Regulations 2002. For more information visit Dr Adams Laboratories website.

Lateral flow tests vs PCR: Which is better for your business?

Lateral flow tests vs PCR: Which is better for your business?

The two central testing systems available are Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which is machine-read, and the lateral flow test. Each one has its advantages and different methods, as well as varying levels of accuracy. How the swab is handled, and the time it takes for each test to be processed are also major factors between these two. So let’s look at the lateral flow tests vs PCR and see which is better for your business.

The Lateral Flow Test

The Lateral Flow Test usually uses two lines to determine the presence or absence of a targeted analyte. The most known type of lateral flow test is a pregnancy test. The first line is usually the control line to determine if the test is working correctly. They are widely used in many industries, including pharmaceutical, environmental testing, animal health sectors and clinics.

They are easy to read, and the result can be obtained within minutes. But it is not very sensitive, and often it can miss low levels of positives or produce false positives.

Because of their easy use, they are ideal for quick screenings and can be used by relatively inexperienced staff.

And PCR Tests?

PCR Tests are known as the Gold Standard Test. They work by finding the DNA or RNA of a pathogen or abnormal cells in a sample. A small amount of genetic material in a sample is copied multiple times, allowing an expert to see any abnormalities. The test is sensitive enough to pick up low levels of the diseases, enabling them to detect infection early.

Due to the complicated machine processing, the swab must be handled by professionals. It can also take up to a few hours before results are available.

Lateral flow tests vs PCR?

If you are looking to do quick screenings in bulk, where you want your results in a matter of minutes, then lateral flow tests might be for you. But if you are looking for specific results with high accuracy, then PCR would be a better choice.

Both are Available Depending on Your Needs

Dr. Adams Laboratories stock both lateral flow and PCR testing options for clients and has the PCR laboratory equipment available. Contact us directly to find out more information, bulk options and any other consumables you might need for a testing facility within your lab or pharmacy.

What do we know about Long Covid?

What do we know about Long Covid?

Mild or moderate, Covid can last around two weeks for most people. For others, the effects of Covid can last even longer, causing continuous health problems for months after.

The National Centre for Health Statistics reports that 1 in 13 adults have Long Covid symptoms, that have lasted three or more months after contracting the virus.

What is Long Covid and what are the symptoms?

Long Covid involves a variety of new or ongoing symptoms that people experience for more than a month after getting Covid-19. A magnitude of symptoms has been uncovered for long-covid. For most, many of the respiratory symptoms that present when contracting Covid diminish after the first two weeks of contracting the virus. Some symptoms can continue creating physical and psychological health problems including:

· Increased fatigue

· Brain fog

· Persistent cough

· Fever

· Chest pain

· Joint or muscle pain

· Heart symptoms such as chest pain

· Digestive symptoms including diarrhoea and stomach pain

· Blood clots and blood vessel issues

· Difficulties sleeping

· Functional disabilities

· Dementia

· Epilepsy

· Seizures

· Depression or anxiety

The symptoms of Long Covid are creating huge challenges for people in completing their daily tasks. A new diagnosis of psychological disorders shows that symptoms can remain more common for as much as two years after having the Covid infection. In the UK Long covid has been ruled a disability, due to the long-term and adverse effects it is having on people’s lives.

Who is at risk of Long Covid?

Anyone is vulnerable to experiencing Long Covid symptoms. The symptoms have been reported more in those who had Covid more severe or who haven’t been vaccinated. Due to having long-term symptoms of Covid, it will be difficult to know if you have contracted the virus again, so it’s important to take regular lateral flow tests as a precaution.

Why does Covid cause ongoing problems?

Those who suffered from severe Covid could have been exposed to internal damage. For example, those who experienced organ damage whilst having Covid may have heart, kidney, brain, or skin problems as a result. Immune systems may have been placed under major stress through inflammation when contracting the virus, which has then created further health problems down the line.

Severe Covid symptoms which caused patients to be placed under medical care or in intensive care units could have resulted in extreme ongoing mental health problems or resulted in post-traumatic stress.

What should you do if you have Long Covid?

If you think you have symptoms of Long Covid you should consult with a Health Practitioner. It’s important to record everything from when your symptoms started, when they got worse, how often you experience them and how it affects your daily activities.

An assessment might be carried out to investigate symptoms and help rule out any conditions or issues. The tests could include, blood and heart rate tests, taking your blood pressure, chest x-ray etc. Depending on your symptoms your Health Practitioner will determine which physical or emotional recovery is best suited for you.

Long Covid in the workplace

Employers should be aware of the effects of Long Covid and how it can affect others completely differently. Support should be given to any employees who are suffering from Long Covid.

Continued testing

It is still important to continue testing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The number of cases is rising, making it more important than ever to ensure a Covid-free place in your workplace, to keep operations moving and your employees safe. If you are in need of lateral flow tests to ensure you don’t have Covid, our friendly team will be more than happy to help. Get in touch!

Importance of testing for Covid two years on

Importance of testing for Covid two years on

Even when covid was rife and you were doing everything right, like wearing a mask, sanitizing, social distancing, and getting vaccinated, you might have still found yourself being exposed or worse, testing positive for covid.

The number of covid cases has exceeded 579m cases globally and they are rising once again here in the UK. Is the use of testing to identify and isolate positive cases, effective in controlling the pandemic? We think so. Here’s why …

1. The vaccine isn’t 100%

Imagine a lecture with 100 students in it. One of them has the virus, but they might not have symptoms and don’t know they’re infected. But they’re touching handrails, door handles, and seats and sitting in a crowded room. Every person that is in close contact with the infected person can pick up the virus and spread it further.

Studies suggest that the vaccine slows down transmission, however, people that are vaccinated are still being infected and passing it to others. Others have also been advised to not have the vaccine or chosen not to take it.

Testing on the other hand is a great way for universities, schools, and workplaces to identify and eliminate the risk of spreading the disease.

2. Virus Mutations

Virus variation has been the bane of covid control. Not long after one wave of infection has passed, another arrives. The virus that caused covid astonishingly mutates almost once a week, which is at least 50% higher than previously thought. Variants are recognized by their successful spreading through populations and dominating previous strains.

Everyone knows the flu vaccine changes every year, due to its evolving and creating new characteristics. This is the same for covid, meaning the covid vaccine might not be as effective against newer variants.

Increasing evidence suggests that covid strains are recombining their genomes inside cells, which is causing variants to emerge even more quicker. This is down to when one person is infected with covid from several sources. In a classroom, three students and teachers are infected with different strains. One student contracted three different strains of the virus due to being in close proximity to all three infected people.

In this scenario, testing would help identify where infectious diseases are and others can test to rule out having covid and spreading it to others.

3. The unknown around vaccine immunity

The covid vaccine was an amazing example of modern science. But just as the virus adapts, so is the vaccine development. Scientists, researchers, and manufacturers are having to respond to the variations by modifying the original vaccine in clinical trials to look at the immune response to different variants. However, there is still uncertainty around how long immunity lasts and how it affects different people.

Testing is helping people not only feel but stay safe. Universities, schools, workplaces, and health officials can pinpoint outbreaks and act in accordance.

Lateral flow tests

There are hundreds of different brands of lateral flow tests and choosing the right one for you and your institution can be difficult. At Dr. Adams Laboratories, we stock FlowFlex, Healgen, and Lyher. Our LFTs are Government approved. Although our tests have their individual benefits, they are all:

· Easy to use

· Supplied reliably

· CE marked

· CDTA listed

· Produce fast and accurate results

· Competitively priced

Sustainability as a brand

If you are looking for fast lead times and a more sustainable product, Lyher is for you. One lateral flow test has the same carbon footprint as driving 350 meters, so we thought it was time to consider something a little more sustainable. As a MedTech company that is conscious about the environment and our planet, it’s important that we implement the same sustainable principles into our products. That’s exactly why we worked closely with our suppliers and designers to develop sustainable packaging that is not only lighter and smaller but consists of less plastic, without ever compromising on quality.

Now that restrictions have lifted and we can pretty much do as we please, testing is still as important as ever to stop the spread of the virus, especially with students and staff returning to universities and schools. Speak to our experts today for great quality products and even better pricing.

Nitrile gloves: What you need to know

Nitrile gloves: What you need to know

Many industries require personal protective equipment (PPE), to perform their day-to-day tasks safely, hygienically, and efficiently. Products like nitrile gloves are not only a necessity but highly valuable in protecting both the wearer and other products or people they handle. Nitrile is currently the most popular material for gloves across sectors due to its endless list of advantages and applications.

Nitrile gloves protect your hands with a durable barrier against hazardous contaminants, infection risks, chemicals, hot oils, or extreme temperatures. With its high durability, greater chemical resistance, and no risk of latex allergies, it’s obvious to see why professionals use nitrile gloves in various sectors and industries as the go-to disposable glove.

What is Nitrile?

Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber copolymer that is derived from acrylonitrile and butadiene molecules. Nitrile is a versatile elastomer, being widely used due to its high tensile strength, puncture resistance, hypoallergenic qualities, and chemical and oil resistance.

Applications for nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are currently the most popular material in the healthcare industry for examinations. However, they are widely used across other healthcare sectors and industries such as automotive, food services, aesthetics, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Core benefits of nitrile gloves

At Dr. Adams, we ensure all our gloves comply with various specifications for safety and effectiveness, being FDA-certified. Our nitrile gloves offer an ideal solution with no risk of latex allergies and at a competitive cost.

  • Healthcare

Nitrile gloves are the most popular choice for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare workers. The durable barrier of the glove creates high protection and puncture resistance. Medical staff deal with numerous patients a day, so it is important to eliminate the risk of infection spread between the wearer and the patient.

  • Automotive

Nitrile is not just a versatile choice for a medical glove, it also offers valuable benefits for automotive and mechanic work. If a mechanic leaves their hands unprotected during their work, they’re at a high risk of injury and exposure to chemical irritants. Nitrile possesses great oil-resistant properties which makes it a safe choice when mechanics are dealing with hot oil and grease daily.

  • Food Services

Many food sectors require latex-free gloves to minimize allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves are a safe and effective option to prevent cross-contamination, due to their strong protective barrier from contact with raw meat and bacteria on the worker’s skin.

  • Aesthetics, tattoos, hair, and beauty

With the rise of ‘tweakments’, getting a tattoo and regular hair and beauty appointments it’s no surprise these industries don’t look like they’re going to be slowing down anytime soon. Nitrile gloves have tactile sensitivity, meaning practitioners can stay protected whilst carrying out their detailed work without losing their sense of touch. Due to the chemical and puncture resistance of the material, they are ideal for keeping hands clean and safe, without the fear of any breaks or tears during procedures.

Why are nitrile gloves so popular?

A range of industries chooses to supply nitrile gloves to their members of staff, due to their versatility and range of advantages. Nitrile gloves are among the most popular options, but what exactly makes them so popular over their counterparts?

Nitrile gloves are:

1. Waterproof – Nitrile gloves have a secure grip in both wet and dry conditions.

2. Allergenic properties – A primary advantage of nitrile, is that it’s 100% latex-free.

3. Tactile sensitivity – Nitrile gloves allow users to handle tools and machinery with precision.

4. Extended shelf life – Nitrile gloves can return to their original shape after being compressed into their packaging. The elasticity ensures a long lifespan and can withstand long procedures.

5. Temperature resistance – Nitrile remains functional in high temperatures of oils and chemicals.

6. Comfortable fit – Nitrile gloves offer wearers a comfortable and snug fit, creating a strong barrier over the skin.

7. Superior chemical resistance – Nitrile provides resistance to oil, fuel, acids, fluids, and grease.

8. Great puncture resistance – Nitrile is three-to-five times more puncture resistant than latex.

9. Strong barrier protection – The tensile strength creates high and durable protection against bloodborne pathogens and other hazardous toxins.

Nitrile gloves are a must in many industries to comply with PPE standards and use. Whether you require gloves for high-risk or low-risk environments, nitrile offers a range of valuable properties for various applications. Our large range of disposable and powder-free gloves are CATIII, EN374, EN455, ISO and CE as well as FDA510K approved, including both blue and black in sizes of S, M, L, and XL.

Sterile glove manufacturer

Dr. Adams Laboratories is the first and only sterile glove manufacturer in the UK. The benefits of manufacturing in the UK mean your gloves will never be imported, guaranteeing you a great price, and reducing your environmental footprint.

Our nitrile gloves are protein-free and free of accelerators like thiazoles, thiurams, carbamates, thioureas, and guanidine which could possibly lead to chemical allergies. They are strong tears, puncture, and chemical resistant and are recommended for users with hypersensitivity syndrome. Dr. Adams Laboratories will always guarantee you a great price and seamless service, from start to finish. We possess extensive experience in logistics and have created excellent relationships with manufacturers, which means we can offer you large-volume orders, rapid production times, and flexibility to accommodate next-day and international shipping, to ensure your stocks are never low. Our gloves are all made to the highest industry standards, are robust, and are incredibly versatile. If you are looking to keep your staff safe with nitrile gloves, give our friendly team a call.

Why & how to implement effective testing procedures in the manufacturing industry

Why & how to implement effective testing procedures in the manufacturing industry

The Covid pandemic is an unprecedented health crisis, and despite exceptional vaccine rollouts, the virus persists. Covid cases are creating strain on manufacturing operations and consequently hugely impacting supply chains. Rising absence rates due to individual cases and mass outbreaks are leading to a shortage of staff, reduced output, and in some circumstances disappointed customers. In manufacturing, it’s imperative that effective lateral flow testing measures are in place to not only keep operations moving but for the health and safety of your workers.

Coronavirus will have long-lasting and possibly permanent effects on the manufacturing industry. Infection rates need to be suppressed to avoid sudden peaks in cases. This means manufacturers will need to restructure their protocols to protect their workers. Implementing effective lateral flow testing within your organisation will help enforce a more productive, safer, and resilient operation.

Implementing Covid testing procedures

Although current and prospective vaccines prove to be highly effective, the need for continuous testing for Covid in manufacturing should continue. Keeping employees healthy and safe from the spread of Covid in their working environment is crucial to keeping operations effective and running seamlessly every day. At Dr Adams Laboratories, we believe prevention is key, and here are some of our reasons why:


Positive Covid cases are still rife. In the past seven days, 63,296 cases have been reported, according to Government coronavirus data. The data highlights the importance of continuing to leverage and implement testing protocols, to quickly diagnose patients who are presenting symptoms. Testing in this scenario will help you act fast in the event of an outbreak and provide reassurance for any other employees.

Safety screening

In many industries, testing will remain part of a broader strategy to monitor the spread and prevalence of Covid. This will help to protect larger groups during surges as well as to detect asymptomatic cases. Company requirements will differ depending on the extent to which employees are at risk of exposure, for example, those companies that work in closer contact will require testing more.

Widespread testing and timely diagnosis are critical in the workplace to minimise outbreaks.

Protecting your workforce

You may be asking how you can implement effective testing in your workforce. Luckily, we have the answer!

At Dr. Adams Laboratories, we are here to help. We can provide you with a stable and consistent supply of high-quality lateral flow tests, to give your facility peace of mind. All our tests are fully government-approved and CE-marked. They come in pack sizes of 5’s, 20’s, 25’s or wrapped individually, meaning you can give your employees enough tests to last your chosen testing cycle, whether it is weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Sustainability is at the forefront

The manufacturing industry has set policies and pathways to reach net zero by 2050, in line with the COP26 targets. We have invested time and money, working alongside one of our brands LYHER, to develop sustainably focused lateral flow packaging that is not only lighter and smaller but consists of less plastic. Our new packaging reaps sustainable benefits, by reducing the carbon footprint through logistics and usage.

Customer service

We understand that the manufacturing industry is fast-paced and can be hectic at times. That’s exactly why we always strive to provide unparalleled customer service to all our clients. We will endeavor to fulfill your supply needs as quickly as possible, with a consistent point of call.

Quick turnarounds and competitively priced

The complexities of creating a successful supply chain can be challenging, especially when crucial members of staff are absent due to Covid. Our strong relationships and direct contacts with suppliers set us apart from our competitors, allowing us to always provide lateral flow tests at low costs. We can fulfil high volume order requests within a rapid turnaround. Due to our longstanding relationship with LYHER, we can provide the fastest production time of lateral flow tests in 1-2 days from order and a general turnaround of a week. To add to this, we also have on-the-ground stock availability, that is ready for instant distribution.

When Covid exposures go unnoticed, they can spread quickly amongst teams, and sometimes lead to entire units being out of operation. It’s imperative to implement effective testing procedures to keep operations running. Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out how we can help you.

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