A team led by knowledge, is a team well led. Dr Adams Laboratories has been running since 16th April 2019, guided by our Managing Director Billy Wang, who comes with a wealth of experience in the medical industry. Originally, Dr Adams was established to deliver analytical services and innovative instruments for pharmaceutical and biological laboratory sectors. However, the unexpected pandemic hit and we all found ourselves in an unprecedented time. We reacted, as we do, to our customers and the market needs, and (frankly speaking) the market needed PPE. 

Due to our already strong and reliable supply chain, we supplied millions of lateral flow kits and various other PPE-related products to different organisations across the UK to support the high demand. During this period, it gave us the time to grow as a business and reflect on what direction we are headed, and to guide us accordingly. 

Our approach, no matter the circumstance, has always been to make sure the customer is priority – today is no different. We continue to adapt, grow and respond to market needs while ensuring our customer service doesn’t falter. We take pride in the quality of not only our products, but our customer satisfaction, and that pride resonates throughout the business and continues to motivate us.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over these tumultuous years has been invaluable, teaching us how to navigate through situations you perhaps don’t expect to be in – we learn, we grow, we look to the future.

Our Vision
Our Mission

Be an innovation and inspiring company, that helps people live longer and better lives.

We let science take the lead. We let it inspire us, through ambition and dedication, we will spot trends in the market and respond. We nourish every communication with our suppliers, partners and customers. In the end, we will become the innovators bringing inspirational products to the public.

Dr adams



The phrase ‘A wealth of knowledge’ can sometimes be a little overused. But our Logistics Manager, Syd is the perfect example of this.

With forty years of experience in the logistics field he has gained enormous amounts of invaluable knowledge. Having worked for various airlines and shipping agents across the world, he has acquired a global network of partners, agents and hauliers worldwide to provide the service and support required by Dr Adams and our customers.

Knowing the logistics world is one thing, but an immeasurable amount of knowledge on customs procedures, competitive pricing whether it be air, road or sea freight shipments is a pretty good bonus. Have we mentioned his flawless communication skills amongst our customers and suppliers?

More about YUEN YAN LAW

Besides her vibrant personality and warm nature, our Chief Science Officer Yan brings years of experience in the field and is a vital part of our team at Dr Adams. While being a HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist specialising in Virology and microbiology, she also has 3 years experience in the NHS and Public Health England (PHE) keeping Dr Adams educated and well-informed. 

Yan operates as a HPLC specialist in pharmaceutical and healthcare products analytics spanning 4 years and her skill set does not stop there. Laboratory management, material safety data management and healthcare product compliance management and just a few other strings she has to her bow and another reason she is a true asset to our blossoming team.

More about BILLY WANG

Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences, and qualified as a clinical biochemist, followed by his master’s in molecular medicine, (finishing with a pretty impressive dissertation on P27 transcription factors) it’s fairly safe to say he knows a thing or two. Combine knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, and general love for people – not to mention Billy’s many years working for our trusted NHS – and the result is a brilliant leader. These skills instinctively drew his focus onto becoming a very successful entrepreneur (which turns out he is a natural at) and led him to successfully start several companies, before founding Dr. Adams. Fast forward a few years and here we are today, growing our team, building long-lasting relationships, and more excited than ever as to where we are headed. 


Egle’s passion about natural healthcare, remedies and therapies is a driving force for her dedication to our business and the industry. With a BA and MSc in Psychology and many years of experience as an operations manager, Egle is equipped with all the skills to be an asset to the team at Dr Adams. 

During her career she has acquired extensive experience in launching different brands and products across various business sectors, and she continues to support product launches at Dr Adams. 

While managing the warehouse is Egle’s main role within the business, her years of insight and experience in ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications are valuable and is an ongoing support to the company.


Although her background may not be in the medical industry, Marysia’s proven track record of consistent and outstanding customer service speaks for itself. Starting her career in logistics, moving to the skies and being proclaimed one of the top sellers in a highly regarded travel company, not only widened her communication skills, but gave her a deep understanding of different cultural practices, diverse approaches to living and impeccable customer service levels. 

With her ability to think creatively, her innovative mind-set and agility to act quickly when under pressure, it seems only fitting she moved into the learning and development department, followed by copy-writing for award-winning companies. 

Marysia’s adaptability has allowed her to use all of these attributes to fit seamlessly into our Dr Adams family, leading the way in customer relations, creativity and productivity.

More about STEVEN SAN

Through Steven’s hard work and dedication, with several years spent studying at university in higher education, stepping into his role as Procurement Manager in 2019 with Dr Adams has been a natural transition. From accounting and financial management, to international business management and achieving his MBA, he possesses a fountain of knowledge. 

There are countless skills a successful Procurement Manager needs to have to excel in their role and it’s safe to say, Steven’s got them! Negotiation skills – check. Business mind-set – check. Rigorous due-diligence when sourcing suppliers – check. Just to name a few. Steven’s knowledge of the business world and expertise in his role are second to none and we are filled with confidence that our suppliers and customers are in very safe hands.


Douglas is a qualified Lead Auditor & Consultant with a wealth of experience in helping many organisations across a host of industries to achieve ISO certification. He is highly skilled in making ISO certification easier to understand and maintain, and has a proven track record of helping organisations to gain recognition as being ISO-compliant within short time frames.

He left a very successful career in the Armed Forces in 2007, after which he decided to launch his very own consultancy business to help other businesses succeed. He has enjoyed tremendous success by helping various organisations to achieve certification in AS 9120, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 with visible and tangible results.

Douglas prides himself on taking responsibility, being respectful, having dogged resilience, and being resourceful to turn problems into solutions – the very attributes that led him to delve into the world of ISO consultancy. He is unfazed by challenges and has an amazing ability to motivate individuals to perform as a team – something that we love at Dr. Adams Labaratories.

More about KAN JING

Hard work and persistence have always been key to the incredible success that Kan Jing has enjoyed over her 14-year career. Armed with a Bachelors Degree in Economics with majors in International Economics and Trade from Hunan University of Industry and Commerce in 2008, Kan Jing went a step further and completed her post-graduate qualifications specialising in Economic Management before laying her mark on the industry.

Her portfolio boasts over ten years of administrative experience with institutions in the system and a further four years of experience with private enterprises. Kan Jing prides herself on her hard-working demeanor, responsible work ethic, and reliable work style that showcases her unbelievable consistency.

She is confident, meticulous, and pragmatic, with a keen sense of innovation and adaptability – qualities that have seen her excel in her field and grow from strength to strength. She possesses incredible management skills, is fantastic at administration, and has excellent financial cost analysis and control skills. In addition, she has fantastic communication and coordination skills, promotes team spirit, and enjoys cooperative relations with her colleagues and key role players – attributes that allow her to flourish at Dr. Adams Laboratories.

Carla Coppin
Administrative Assistant
More about Carla Coppin

Carrying with her a plethora of experience in high-end customer service, Carla is a welcome addition to the Dr Adams team. Naturally with any customer focussed role, her ability to think outside the box and act quickly is second nature, as well as problem solving when any issues arise.
As with any administrative roles, multi tasking and time management are essential and Carla has proven these skills throughout her extensive career in the travel industry and more recently in the prestigious Relais and Chateaux luxury collection.
Carla’s role within Dr Adams is key to the organisation and functioning of our complex business activities and we are delighted to have her.