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Profhilo for anti-aging

Profhilo is an industry leading anti-aging treatment in non-surgical skincare. It is one of the highest potency hyaluronic acid (HA) products on the market. It is taking the industry by storm and changing the way we look at non-surgical anti-aging techniques, but what is it?

Profhilo anti-aging treatment

As a leading, proven skin remodelling agent, Profhilo not only fills lines and wrinkles but also tightens and firms loose facial skin. Results are noticeable after the first treatment, but two is recommended for overall facial rejuvenation and to target difficult areas which would otherwise only show improvement with surgery. These areas include tightening skin around the neck and chin.

What signs of aging can Profhilo correct?

This form of treatment is highly recommended for patients looking to perform anti-aging wonders, vastly improving skin quality and appearance. Profhilo also works great for younger patients as a proactive measure to delay signs of aging. It can tighten:

  • Loose skin around the chin and jawline
  • Vertical lines around the mouth
  • Under and around eye wrinkles
  • Sagging neck skin
  • Cheek wrinkles and gaunt cheeks

How Profhilio works

The treatment works by boosting four types of natural collagen and elastin production. These cells, that are responsible for giving your skin a youthful appearance, are stimulated with a performance that far exceeds competing brands. The hyaluronic acid restores hydration whilst simultaneously stimulating long-term collagen and elastin production.

How long does Profhilo last?

Everyone is different. Some patients can experience ground-breaking results on their first treatment, and others on their second. Most people experience increased firmness, improved skin tone, and elasticity for up to six months.

Is Profhilo safe to use?

In short, no. Profhilo is recognised as being an effective and safe treatment used by aestheticians across the world. It contains no chemical cross-linking agents, and does not cause adverse reactions with its purest form of hyaluronic acid available on the market.

Buy Profhilo online

You can safely and securely buy Profhilo products using our Dr Adams online store.

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