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We are passionate about fresh ideas, new products, and industry-wide innovation.
Check out what we have to offer, but keep in mind we are dedicated to R&D and have plenty in the pipeline.


A team led by knowledge is a team well led. Dr Adams Laboratories has been running since 16th April 2019, guided by our Managing Director Billy Wang, who comes with a wealth of experience in the medical industry. Initially, Dr Adams was established to deliver analytical services and innovative instruments for pharmaceutical and biological laboratory sectors. However,
the unexpected pandemic hit and we all found ourselves in an unprecedented time. We reacted to our customers and market needs, and (frankly speaking) the market needed PPE.

However, since then we have branched into the booming Aesthetics industry and Dr Adams is thriving. We distribute thousands of aesthetic products to our customers and relish every opportunity to collaborate and innovate.

Our approach, no matter the circumstance, has always been to make sure the customer is the priority – today is no different.


RENPHO PRODUCTS Renpho weight loss scales are designed to deliver precise and consistent weight measurements. Equipped with high-precision sensors, these scales


Introducing Renpho to our Dr Adams portfolio. A welcome addition to our product lines supporting our customers wellbeing and an opportunity for us to support a well-known brand taking the industry by storm. We have had the pleasure of trying their products out first hand and it’s a thumbs up from us!



As we grow in this exciting industry we continue to add new products to our range, including Juvederm, Teosyal and Jalupro. We are proud to have strong relationships across our network in Europe to provide not only great service to our customers but authentic products and a robust supply chain.



Each year the Dr Adams team attends an event very close to our heart that supports Great Ormond Street Hospital, caring for seriously ill children giving them the best chance at life. This year is no different, as a team we will be attending a Masquerade ball in aid of GOSH Charity to show our support to the life changing work they do.

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