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Nose fillers, such as Juvederm, can be used in place of traditional surgery techniques such as nose jobs. But why would someone opt for fillers over a permanent fix?

What can Juvederm be used for

Juvederm is an industry leading dermal filler made by Allergan. The key ingredient in this type of filler is hyaluronic acid HA, a natural substance in the skin that helps deliver nutrients, helps skin volume, softness, and moisture. We can use this temporary filler to address issues such as drooping nasal tips, bumps on your nose, and asymmetry. Juvederm is by far one of the best alternatives for the cosmetic surgical procedure rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job’.

Benefits of choosing a temporary fix

This type of procedure is ideal for people deterred by potential complications that may arise during rhinoplasty surgery. A temporary fix also gives you peace of mind when faced with the risk of permanent unfavourable cosmetic results. You can put your mind at ease knowing that Jurederm offers a non-invasive, guaranteed safe alternative to a traditional nose job with no required downtime. 

How long does a Juvederm nose job take

Where rhinoplasties lasts anywhere up to four hours, Juvederm fillers only takes 15 minutes with immediately visible results. With quick results and no downtime, you could even return to work the same day.

What this non-surgical nose job involves

Juvederm is injected into your nose to yield the desired results based on your end goal. Filler can be added to the bridge of your nose to smooth and straighten it and can be used to lift the tip of your nose which gives your nose a smaller appearance similar to that of nose reduction surgery. The filler is then gently massaged to leave you with a natural look and get rid of uneven build-up of Juvederm product. Nose fillers offer a cost-effective solution with lasting results anywhere from 9 months to 18 months and can be seen instantly.

Buy Juvederm online

You can safely and securely buy Juvederm products using our Dr Adams online store. We regularly run huge discounts on Juvederm products and offer amazing bulk-buy deals using our contact form.

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