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Is Juvederm the best filler?

When comparing results against Restaylne, another popular filler, Juvederm outperforms by acting quicker and, in some cases, lasting longer. Everyone is different, but Juvederm ticks a lot of the right boxes when it comes to being ranked as one of the best fillers.

Why is Juvederm a good filler?

Fillers from the Juvederm range greatly enhance your natural features, restores volume, and hydrates your skin. It is the best at being good in a variety of areas, such as:

Enhancing natural features

Working with a consultant, patients can discuss dynamic and static facial movement to accentuate their natural expression. 

96% patient satisfaction

Juvederm surveyed 115 men and women yielding a 96% positive result wih patients describing their reaction to the treatment as “happy” and “delighted” with their results.

A leading brand in haluronic acid facial fillers

Juvederm is proud to be crowned as the world’s leding brand of HA facial fillers.

Lasting results

Not many fillers can boast lasting results of up to 9-24 months depending on product chosen.

Juvederm for both men and women

Their range is suitable for both men and women with each product specialising in different forms of treatment and can be tailored for each individual.

For women

Juvederm products provide a variety of benefits such as adding volume to your cheeks, volumising and plumping lips. You can also use it to lift and project your eyebrows and soften the appearance of your under-eye.

For men

Juvederm products are not just for women. As well as lifting and projecting eyebrows, it adds volume to your temples, defines your lips, and can give you a more athletic look by sharpening your chin and jawline.

Which Juvederm product is right for me?

If you are looking to reduce nasolabial folds, restore your natural facial contours, and rejuvinate your facial features, Juvederm Violift is the product for you. However, if you want to smooth fine lines and enhance your mouth are while providing fuller, more natural looking lips, Juvederm Ultra Smile is the best filler for you. Always be sure to book a consultation with a registered clinician.


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