How does Profhilo help skin?

Profhilo is a revolutionary new treatment based on advanced hyaluronic acid technology. It boasts being one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid HA on the market, Because of its cost-effective and quick-acting nature, it is taking the industry by storm, but how does it work?

What’s the difference between Profhilo and dermal filler treatment?

Unlike dermal fillers that provides base wrinkle reduction, Profhilo stimulates collagen and elastin, attracting water in the deeper layers of skin. This highly stabilised product lasts far longer than competitor non-stabilised gel, stimulating four different types of collagens to trigger elastin to take place which slows the release of hyaluronic acid.

What Profhilo does for your skin

The result is a significant improvement in tissue, distinguishing itself from skin boosters with its superior tightening and lifting effect on your skin. People who have Profhilo treatment experience anti-ageing, and rejuvenated, firmer skin with long-term results lasting up to 6 months.

What parts of the body can Profhilo be used on?

The most common areas of treatment are the face and neck, but can also be used for the décolletage, hands, arms, knees, and abdomen. It is highly effective for treating skin laxity and is suitable for both men and women offering benefits for patients of all ages.

What does the Profhilo treatment involve?

The Profhilo procedure is quite simple. It involves injecting 64mg HA in a 2ml pre-filled syringe beneath the skin’s surface over two sessions, four weeks apart. The injection disperses quickly beneath your skin, giving instant results after the first treatment. The treatment is remarkable in that the product can be extruded with a single 29g needle.

What are the risks of Profhilo treatment?

Because of its fast-acting results, there is no need to massage the skin, and no risk of leaving lumps or nodules. The injection integrates with your skin with ease due to Profhilo being highly biocompatible, and there have been no adverse reactions to date.

Buy Profhilo online

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