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James has over 10 years experience working for an international business focused around leading change at work, including providing strategic support to help meet customers and their clients evolving demands in the workplace. In addition, James has a further 10 years experience in distribution and delivery, understanding the demands of the industry, by coordinating consignments for customers with accuracy and timeliness. With experience in accountancy, analysis, sales, purchasing and customer services, the wealth of experience means our Chief Customer Relations Director James is well-placed to support your buying decisions. In a thriving and competitive industry, James works tirelessly to provide the right solution for the right application, by understanding the needs of the customer and supporting them with our portfolio, and includes innovations to keep them on trend. Being the hardest worker in the room is not just a loose phrase when it comes to James’ work ethic, going that extra mile to satisfy customers needs. Available via various communication channels, he’s fully invested in supporting your business strategies around growth and sustainability, underpinned by Our Values. It’s this work ethic and wealth of experience, that has helped businesses grow and adapt to survive the challenges in leading markets in a dive or thrive environment, including during the pandemic.

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