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You might start by describing the Dr Adams team as the new kids on the block (relatively speaking). But we think a splash of colour is a true representation of us. Vibrant, exciting, innovative, friendly and full of personality in what is our Med-tech world.

We are passionate about fresh ideas, new products, and industry-wide innovation. Check out what we have to offer, but keep in mind we are dedicated to R&D and have plenty in the pipeline.



It will come as no surprise that R&D has taken a back seat recently due to the recent worldwide circumstances. However, we continue to focus on new and exciting products to join our portfolio and are delighted to share that this project is once again travelling full speed ahead – watch this space.


Each year the Dr Adams team attends an event very close to our heart that supports Great Ormond Street Hospital, caring for seriously ill children giving them the best chance at life. This year is no different, as a team we will be attending a Masquerade ball in aid of GOSH Charity to show our support to the life changing work they do.


Flowflex has remained the UK’s most recognised brand since the pandemic started, and we are offering single pack testing kits at an incredible price of 70p. We can provide kits in all pack sizes and anything from small quantities to large wholesale orders. Give us a call or drop us a line!


Profhilo can be used on various areas of the body, including the face, neck, and hands. This versatility can help you attract a wider range of patients who may be interested in treating different areas of concern.
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